NMS Literary Fiesta

The Literary Fiesta is a two-day virtual event divided in two categories (Panel talks and Workshops), scheduled on the 23rd-24th July, with an audience consisting of students from grade 8th – 11th.

What you can expect

From illustrations to approaching classics, from building a fiction world to building a character, the workshops will focus solely on enhancing the skills of the eager youthful audience.

When blossoming minds from across the world join hands in a creative fever, the fine line between reality and the impossible will soon disappear. Presenters with prowess over a plethora of skills, from journalism to cartoon illustration will be unraveling their past stories about their relationship with their respective fields. If you have a soft spot for poetry, short stories, articles, or book illustrations, this is the perfect platform for you. Even if you simply wish to explore the variety of fields that go behind publishing a literary piece, the Literary Fiesta warmly welcomes you.

In our Literary Fiesta, young published authors from all across the country will talk about their journey of writing, their work ethic, their writing style, and their form. Poets, writers, and even bloggers will share their tips on how one can start writing, and improve the same, all while indulging in fruitful conversations about literature and its many complementary fields. 

A few sessions will be conducted by famous, successful authors, who will talk about their experiences by sharing unheard anecdotes, and how one can make writing their career and literature a beautiful, engrossing part of their lives. 

Our Presenters

Amandeep Sanshu

Amandeep Sandhu is the author of two novels, Roll of Honour and Sepia Leaves. He was born in Rourkela, he went to read English Literature at the University of Hyderabad and works as a technical writer. Roll of Honour is a story of the split loyalties of a Sikh boy in a boarding school in Punjab during the Khalistan movement and is based on the events of the year 1984: Operation Bluestar, Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination, the anti-Sikh pogrom. In their essence, this novel and Sepia Leaves are deeply autobiographical. 

Shabnam Minwalla

Shabnam Minwalla has worked as a journalist with the Times of India. Presently, she writes food columns, book reviews and features for newspapers and magazines. Her first book, The Six Spellmakers of Dorabji Street, was critically acclaimed and won the Rivokids Parents’ and Kids’ Choice Awards. She is also the author of The Strange Haunting of Model High School, The Shy Supergirl and Lucky Girl.

Deepa Agarwal

Author, poet and translator, Deepa Agarwal has written about fifty books in English and Hindi, mostly for children. She has received many prestigious awards including N.C.E.R.T. National Award For Children’s Literature. Her historical adventure novel, Caravan to Tibet, was selected for the IBBY (International Board On Books For Young People) Honour List 2008 from India and like some of her earlier titles, was listed in the White Raven Catalogue of the International Youth Library, Munich. Her work has appeared in Japanese, Chinese and Korean as well as sixteen Indian languages.

A literary event for the youth, by the youth and of the youth!

Our Event Day Schedule

DAY 2!

Explore a series of stimulating presentations, and watch yourself drown in the bliss of Literature!

Who We Are

Our mission has always been to provide our students with holistic opportunities, so that they can flourish and hone their prowess.

Neerja Modi School is located in the famous Pink City, Jaipur, in Rajasthan. This year, while celebrating our 20th anniversary, we bring to you the first-ever NMS Literature Festival. Our school believes that appreciating literature can inculcate values of gratitude and self-awareness in our students. 

We also encourage writers and thus will be conducting workshops so that they can enhance their skills. We have invited guest speakers from all over the world so that the students of NMS can learn from the best. 

“That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.” 

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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We can’t wait to have you from 23rd-24th July 2021!